A conceptual traveller with an eclectic style.A unique way of mixing stripes and knitted coats, animal prints with tex-mex inspired shawls and capes.
A taste for vintage that opens up to fearless mix-match, able to set new frontiers.
A strong passion for jersey because it’s comfortable and versatile.
A globetrotter in silk pyjamas and men’s overcoats – tweed or herringbone fabrics.
Layered patterns: the large stripes, the leopard tricot coat, leather fringes, red and blue navajo rugs, military green.
Knitted fabrics and jersey define a smooth and deconstructed silhouette. Oversize shapes deliberately easy-going.
Wool reworked to create Mongolian fur effects.
Knitted “furry” stitches combined with flat ones for an interesting diverse texture.
The flannel check shirt turns sexy when combined with black leather.
The must have item is the multi-pattern knitted overcoat inspired by Robert Rauschenberg paintings.
Contrasting black and white, military green, uniform grey, red and blue torn between regimental and the New Frontier.