Valeria Bersanetti creative approach to fashion accessories and her new brand ADAIS is based on an exhaustive search of tribal cultures and the aesthetics of different ethnicities, from South America to the far North; the inspiration from Mexican Modernism to German Brutalism, from Minimalism to Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus, to the feminine aesthetic in the early 1900s.

Her bags collection focuses on soft lines and rounded volumes, a clear reference to saddlebags and knapsacks made of natural materials, braided or satchel bags shaped and inspired from the origins of the object itself.

Cornerstones of creative thinking of ADAIS are softness, spontaneity and the interpretation of the matter, often contrasting with lines and rigid materials: the opposition between soft and solid becomes the parameter of relation of the human body in all its aspects.

Artists like Louise Bourgeois, John Chamberlain, Gerhard Richter, Joana Vasconcelos, Daniel Buren, Richard Serra and Carol Rama or designers like Eileen Gray, Mathieu Mategot and Ettore Sottsass are formal and aesthetic reference points for the project.