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Established in Milan by Korean born designer Banya Kim, OTTONE is a contemporary brand creating edgy handbags for all the lovers of minimalism and artisanal craftmaship. “Ottone” merges OTTO – the Italian name for the number 8 – and the Korean suffix NE – meaning “House of”. The result is a powerful combination of Oriental esthetics and Italian design: the number 8 has a strong value of harmony and geometrical beauty.

The essence of the brand is a well balanced combination of high end materials, a passion for details and the research for timeless design. The minimal yet refined constructions, built on solid volumes and elementary geometries – squares merging into circles and vice-versa – defines a strong image with a precise character, completed by pure colors. The palette is rich with strong primary colours: black, white, red, royal blue. Completing the scheme are eye-catching bright purple, warm caramel and soft baby pink.

Ottone bags and accessories are completely designed and produced in Italy by the best artisans and made out of the finest leather combinations and completed with polished metal details.

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