Melampo is a family lexicon. Starting right from the brand’s name, made of the initials of whom converted an artisan shop into a solid industrial reality. As happens only in Italy, the story began many years ago with handmade caps, then proceeded to men’s shirts and to everything a woman needs to be herself. Even in the most creative and fruitful act one can feel that something remains partially unexpressed. One perceives a vital desire to attain individual contents, to progress to new specific shapes, to build one’s own vocabulary, to fulfil the need for diversity, the tendency to change and to be different. Nobody can escape the spell of one’s own thought. Maybe this is how actions and feelings are determined beyond what is given, passed and handed down. Maybe this is how fashion works.

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  1. Elisa Durante says:

    sono Elisa Durante e lavoro per l’ufficio italiano di corrispondenza della rivista di moda svizzera Annabelle.
    Stiamo preparando un nuovo servizio e il nostro fashion director Daniella Gurtner vorrebbe utilizzare alcuni capi di Melampo.
    Ho scritto al contatto del loro showroom e mi hanno confermato che per le richieste degli shooting possiamo fare riferimento alla vostra agenzia.
    Potreste gentilmente indicarmi un indirizzo email a cui inoltrare la richiesta?
    Cordiali saluti,

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