#newevent Pugnetti Parma exhibit at Altaroma – Who is on Next? 2016


#newevent Melampo fashion show at Altaroma – Who is on Next? 2016


#newevent Sara Lanzi fashion show at Altaroma

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Pugnetti Parma

  Artisanal creations that form invisible complexities, shapes that seem to bring the memory back to recognizable combinations, but instead they are recalled to be challenged and find new life. This is Pugnetti Parma, a brand that was born in Parma in 2015, rooted in the local artisanal expertise, whose techniques are put at the service of the articulated imagination of the parmesan designer Filippo Pugnetti. It is not by chance that the iconic item of the brand, the Lift Bag, was imagined by its creator while looking at a lift technician’s working bag, ...


#neweditorial Jucca Spring/Summer 2016 printed dress on Io Donna 02-07-2016