#newevent United Nude and 3-D Systems – “RE-INVENTING SHOES” special dinner.

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#newevent Next Agency “Italian Press Day” Fall 2015-16 in Munich



Fausto Puglisi – Woman

Fausto Puglisi’s confident energetic style is a brash shake up of richly-researched cultural influences sewn in impeccably crafted packages. With a modern attitude and frisson of sexiness, this original fashion combination has had combustive results, quickly drawing the attention of international editors and buyers and catapulting Puglisi into the spotlight as one of the fashion industry’s brightest ...

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  A conceptual traveller with an eclectic style. A unique way of mixing stripes and knitted coats, animal prints with tex-mex inspired shawls and capes. A taste for vintage that opens up to fearless mix-match, able to set new frontiers. A strong passion for jersey because it’s comfortable and versatile. A globetrotter in silk pyjamas and men's overcoats - tweed or herringbone fabrics.   Layered patterns: the large stripes, the leopard tricot coat, leather fringes, red and blue navajo rugs, military green. Knitted fabrics and ...

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  British, intellectual, introspective. She doesn’t turn down the afternoon tea, ritual and obsessive. Her proportions are comfy but fitted. She wears silk pajamas with masculine fabrics, somehow wooly, handknitted-scarves and peacoats with the same cool style of a Chelsea girl.   Wide stripes, flowers such as chinese porcelains, vintage geometric patterns, colorful knitwear, compact and structured. Tweed and herringbone with faux mink: Mr and Mrs Smith. She doesn’t give up brightening a gentleman like fabric with some sequins ...


Pierre-Louis Mascia – Man

Pierre-Louis Mascia is a graphic designer and fashion illustrator turned fashion designer. His eponymous collection is produced on licence by Achille Pinto, a Como based historical textile company that is 80 years old. Starting from raw fabric up to sophisticated finishing techniques each step shows technical skills and an attention to details led by a passion for “Made in Italy” artisanal crafted products. Pierre-Luis Mascia has an atelier-showroom in Toulouse, where he works and lives, and a sales showroom in the heart of ...